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What officers claimed was hostile behavior, the court determined was the plaintiff pressing to exercise his right to remain in his home and require a warrant for entry
This case encourages officers to accurately and painstakingly report all factors relied upon to conclude there was reasonable suspicion to detain and reasonable suspicion to frisk
The appellate court decides whether an officer’s entry into the curtilage of a home was unlawful in a recent case
Baltimore city leaders sued ghost gun kit manufacturer Polymer80 after seeing a rise of the untraceable weapons on city streets and in the hands of minors
The officers say personal information about where they live and family information fell into the hands of criminals who used data brokers to access the information
“There are certain tactics that officers use that we don’t necessarily want everyone, specifically criminals, to know about,” Fort Worth Police Chief Neil Noakes said
Judge Carol-Lisa Phillips said a jury should decide whether former Deputy Scot Peterson displayed a “wanton and willful disregard” for students’ safety when he didn’t confront the shooter during the attack
Beth Donovan sued the Boston Police Department after she was demoted and suspended, stating that the disciplinary measures were in retaliation for opening a misconduct investigation into another officer
According to the 2021 complaint and trial testimony, the officers were targets of routine racial slurs that were part of a hostile work environment
Deputy Scot Peterson cited other cases that say officers don’t have an obligation to protect others from third-party harm and cannot be sued for decisions made during a crisis
“The public is not safe,” Michele Atilano said. “All you have are a bunch of deputies who are zombies – zombies walking around tired, always tired. They’re not even there”