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Mich. city council votes to cease most traffic stops for minor violations

Some of the minor traffic violations that fall under Ann Arbor’s new ordinance include cracked windshields and objects hanging from the rearview mirror


Ann Arbor Police

By Sarah Roebuck

ANN ARBOR, Mich. — The Ann Arbor City Council voted to pass an ordinance that would prohibit police from conducting traffic stops for some minor traffic violations, the Detroit Free Press reports.

The minor traffic violations that fall under the new driving equality ordinance include cracked windshields, objects hanging from the rearview mirror, loud exhaust, expired registration tags on its first read and cracked taillights.

Along with the ordinance, the city also passed a resolution in support of establishing the city’s first unarmed crisis response team.

Ann Arbor Police Interim Chief Aimee Metzer said because of the overwhelming support for the new ordinance, the measure will be implemented immediately.

A council member said the ordinance is intended to limit interactions with police officers.

Under the new measure, Ann Arbor police cannot stop or detain drivers based on race, gender, religion or socioeconomic status.

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