Digital license plates could help carjacking crisis, Chicago councilman suggests

Alderman David Moore says the digital platform can send alerts about stolen vehicles to the police and public

By Suzie Ziegler 

CHICAGO — A Chicago city council member is calling on Illinois to ditch metal tags in favor of digital license plates, according to FOX 32. Ald. David Moore says this could help solve the state’s carjacking spike because the digital platform can send alerts about stolen vehicles to the police and public. 

"While law enforcement struggles to stop carjackings, DLPs will help Illinois drivers close the gap between the time a carjacking happens and police respond by alerting everyone within eyeshot," Moore said in a statement obtained by FOX 32. 

Moore says the digital plates can also send Amber and Silver alerts to the public. Like mobile phones, digital license plates use cellular networks to communicate, Moore explained. 

California, Arizona and Michigan have already passed legislation for digital license plates, according to FOX 32. 

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