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Dash cam video: Driver crashes stolen Lamborghini after fleeing traffic stop at over 100 mph

The driver initially stopped for LAPD officers before speeding off and crashing, causing the driver to launch hundreds of feet from the vehicle

By Joanna Putman

LOS ANGELES — The LAPD released footage of a high-speed pursuit involving a stolen Lamborghini that ended in a deadly crash in the San Fernando Valley, KABC reported.

The incident occurred on April 6 when LAPD West Valley officers noticed the driver of a gray 2019 Lamborghini Huracan asleep at the wheel at a red light, according to the report. Upon awakening, the driver provided documents that confirmed the vehicle was stolen and he was wanted on multiple felony warrants.

The driver initially stopped for the officers but then sped away, reaching speeds of 113 mph, according to the report. The car crashed in the median shortly after.

The vehicle was torn apart, with debris scattered across the street, dash cam video shows.

“The driver was launched hundreds of feet from the vehicle - far enough that it took a few minutes for the officers to locate his body,” the LAPD stated.

Paramedics pronounced the driver dead at the scene.

“As part of the investigatory process, a pursuit investigation was also initiated,” LAPD Capt. Kelly Muniz stated. “This pursuit investigation will be reviewed by the department upon completion for adherence to the law and department policy.”