Best of Bizarre Beat: 10 strangest stories of 2015

From a half-nude banjo serenade to a "snorting wild boar," cops were exposed to quite a bit of weirdness this year

By Police1 Staff

From a half-nude banjo serenade to a "snorting wild boar," cops were exposed to quite a bit of weirdness this year. Here are some of the strangest stories we covered in 2015.  

1. Pa. man rolls in dog waste to avoid arrest; plan fails

Oh sh*t.


2. Video: Half-nude banjo player serenades Wash. cops during standoff

When cops arrived, the suspect came out of his house holding a banjo that he proceeded to play for officers.


3. Colo. cop's SUV falls into sinkhole

Dear chief...


4. 'Steady trail of macaroni salad' leads to NY burglary arrests

Three men had stolen a large bowl of the salad and took turns eating it while making their getaway.


5. Video: 73-year-old arrested after trying to snort cocaine during traffic stop

Eventually, the man told police snorting cocaine in the middle of a traffic stop was perhaps a poor decision.


6. Fla. man wearing 'I have drugs' shirt busted for meth, pot

A man's crime was written all over his shirt.


7. Ohio woman stabs boyfriend for eating all the salsa

Wonder what she does to double-dippers?


8. Video: Fla. man arrested after dancing atop squad

The sheriff told a news station the suspect, "has the moves like Jagger, but chose the wrong dance floor."


9. Neb. police find pot inside container labeled 'Not Weed'

This criminal mastermind was no match for the police.


10. Fla. suspect takes nap during pursuit; snoring gives him away

Deputies followed the sound of 37-year-old Kevin Lee Barbour's snoring — described as a "snorting wild boar" — to discover him.

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