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Police1 unveils the top 10 police recruitment videos of the year

Explore this year’s most compelling recruitment messages from police agencies across the nation – all vying for the best talent


Photo/Fort Worth Police Department

By Ashley Silver

With the current police recruitment crisis impacting law enforcement agencies across the nation, many departments are getting more creative in their recruitment efforts. Throughout 2022, police agencies went to great lengths to attract both new recruits and lateral transfer officers.

Whether agencies are piquing the curiosity of potential recruits through laughter, touching personal stories, or promises of adrenaline-pumping adventures, police departments are stepping out of their comfort zones to compete in a fast-paced hiring race.

We asked Police1 readers which video should take the top spot and we received a whopping 6,409 votes. We don’t want to spoil your fun, so watch the videos below and the winner will be revealed at the end of the roundup.

Humor that intrigues

This Fort Worth Police Department recruitment video takes an unusual “car salesman” approach aimed at getting the attention of possible candidates by both having some fun and showcasing all that Ft. Worth PD has to offer. The video even references that the agency takes lateral officer “trade-ins.”

Shortly after the video was released on social media, the department received over 300 new applications. We’d call that a hit!

The Stanislaus Sheriff’s Department leaned into a little Halloween humor to intrigue recruits with special appearances from Frankenstein to promises of a witch’s brew. Our favorite part is the expression of the officer as a pale vampire exclaims, “Do you have any positions at the coroner’s office?”

Do KwikTrips get your gears turning in the morning? Well, the Fond du Lac Police Department really utilizes the convenience store as a multipurpose resource for food, laughter and unique measurement ideas to lure recruits in this entertaining recruitment video. After all, who doesn’t want to be only a negotiator vehicle, Bearcat, radar trailer, UTV, police robot, drone and McGruff away from a KwikTrip?

Forging strong family ties

“The Taylor Police Department is more than just a place to go to clock in. It’s more than a job, it’s more than just coworkers, it’s more than friends. It’s really about the family that we’ve formed.”

This Michigan police department tugged at our heartstrings as they displayed a strong, family police culture that includes teamwork and drive, with members dedicated to the highest level of service. Their rocking music accompaniment wasn’t too shabby either!

A fast-paced, never-ending adventure

The Fontana Police Department recruitment video gave us high-energy examples of the preparation and training needed to be successful as an officer. During the video, officers showcased the great work ethic, technological resources and culture of inclusion that the department fosters. It also provides a snapshot into the types of scenarios police recruits experience in the field and how they must work as a team to achieve.

A personable approach: Getting to know the ‘why’

The first question current officers usually ask recruits is “why.” What’s your purpose for wanting to become a police officer? A touching and personable recruitment video from the San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office help us understand the reason a law enforcement career calls to so many.

How it all works together: Department units working collectively toward one goal

What do a K-9 unit, SWAT, DEA agent, gang unit and criminal investigations unit all have in common? They’re all working toward one collective goal – keeping the public safe. This recruitment video from the Guadalupe County Sheriff’s Office illustrates how these teams work together with stunning “Breaking Bad” type cinematography. What more could you ask for?

See yourself in blue: Focusing on community outreach

This LAPD recruitment video gives viewers a 360-view into the life of an officer – the growth, community focus, integrity, humility, grit and determination an LEO must embody to succeed, while still having a little fun!

Recruitment through new technology

The Abilene Police Department left our heads spinning with this virtual drone tour recruitment video, which allows viewers to visually dive into the core of the department. By using this cutting-edge approach, Abilene shows potential recruits the agency is miles ahead of the tech game.

Discover what you’re made of

The soundtrack drives this Ohio State Highway Patrol recruitment video. The song has been a part of a growing TikTok trend and the Ohio State Patrol was able to capitalize on this by driving home the various positions they have to offer in a creative way. From a tactical flight officer to a dispatcher, this department wants recruits to believe there’s no limit to what they can be, and this appealing video shows just that.

And the winner of the best police recruitment video of the year, as chosen by Police1 readers, is the Stanislaus Sheriff’s Department’s Halloween humor video! Congratulations to all of the agencies listed above. We hope these videos result in hundreds of new recruits committed to serving your communities in 2023!

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