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Webinar: Boosting frontline capabilities: Unlocking 3D tech with grant aid

Learn how 3D technology is emerging as a critical tool for law enforcement

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Register to attend this webinar on Tuesday, June 4, at 2 p.m. ET / 1 p.m. CT / 11 a.m. PT by completing the “Register for this Police1 Webinar” box on this page!

In the evolving landscape of public safety, leveraging cutting-edge 3D technology emerges as a pivotal strategy for law enforcement. The integration of 3D reality capture solutions not only enhances the accuracy of crime and crash scene analysis but also significantly reduces the time needed for comprehensive scene documentation. This upcoming webinar delves into maximizing public safety grants to adopt these transformative 3D technologies. It will cover a spectrum of funding avenues, the technologies involved when it comes in leverage 3D technologies and real-world success stories in both an application use case + grant finding using Lexipol, offering a blueprint for agencies aiming to advance their technological capabilities without straining budgets. Join us to navigate the financial pathways to equipping your team with the latest in 3D safety tech.

You will learn:

  • Various grant and funding opportunities available for public safety technology upgrades.
  • Techniques and strategies for crafting successful grant applications to secure funding.
  • Alternative financing options for acquiring new technology with limited budgets.
  • Inside tips and advice from individuals and organizations that have successfully navigated the grant application process to obtain funding for technology enhancements.


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Jeff Voyt

Jeff Voyt serves as the Market Segment Manager for Public Safety Analytics at FARO Technologies, Inc. With over two decades of expertise in 3-D capture, imaging equipment, and analysis software, Jeff has dedicated a significant portion of his tenure at FARO to training and assisting public safety agencies and forensic firms in 3-D documentation and analysis of crime and crash scenes.