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Clint Sandusky

Clint Sandusky retired in 2016 after a 24-year law enforcement career, with both the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and Riverside Community College District Police Departments (RCCDPD). While at RCCDPD, he was a bike officer for 23 years. He is a 26-year active CA POST-certified Bike Patrol Instructor and currently instructs Bike Patrol Courses for Riverside County Sheriff’s Department. He has been an International Police Bike Association (IPMBA) member since 1994 and is a former instructor.

In retirement, Clint presents and instructs on electric bicycle (e-Bike) use to law enforcement (including on the national-level with IPMBA) and the community. He has authored many articles on bike patrol topics, e-Bike use and safety, and cycling in traffic.

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