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Bike patrol

Bike patrol units offer a high-visibility, proactive community policing presence that is budget-friendly for any size department. In this Police1 topic section, learn how to set up one of these special operations units in your community, see their impact in action and for officers already working the two-wheeled beat, learn why these gear investments are worth every penny.

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My top 3 choices for lights at this year’s SHOT Show are a gun light, a headlamp and a terrific backup to a duty light
The gigantic exhibit hall showcases products and technology aimed to improve officer efficiency and safety
The department has 31 certified bike officers and all officers ride in at least a part-time capacity
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Cayce Police say the bikes will reduce costs to taxpayers and reduce carbon emissions
$52,000 will be spent to pay retired homicide detectives to consult on cold cases
Police officers in Pennsylvania take their new e-bikes out for a spin
Before or once you have purchased your duty e-bikes, deployment, officer safety and tactics considerations must be addressed prior to use
Setina’s push bumper police bike rack streamlines bike theft response and improves patrol car safety during transport in Portland, Oregon
From drive unit selection to the class of e-bike, there are multiple considerations to take into account