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They say in a crisis situation you will subconsciously revert back to the way that you have trained
Officers must be trained to move quickly to contact, with much greater emphasis on cover and concealment than in the past
The nation’s medical tactical response team answers the call when mass medical care is needed
Stress for police officers consists of an exposure to horrific events witnessed and intervened upon while in the performance of their duties
Take the time to develop a relationship with the doctors at the hospitals in your jurisdiction — it will pay off when you close more cases successfully
A reliable communication network can provide responders with more info on demand
Developed after 9/11, the N-DEx System is the FBI’s next step leading the way to more widespread information sharing
Use your environment for cover while you react to an attack to protect yourself and avoid unnecessary use of force
After a decade as a law enforcement professional and an active amateur boxer, I have come to recognize key similarities between the two
This job takes all kinds of people, but it really takes a special kind of person to be able to stick it out