Video: Angry turkey chases SC cops

The department announced that it will respect the turkey’s claim to the roadway

By Mark Price
The Charlotte Observer

SUMMERVILLE, SC — An irate wild turkey has won a growing fan base on social media after a video posted on Thanksgiving showed it fearlessly chasing a Summerville Police squad car.

In the video, shared on Facebook by the police department, the officers are seen trying to back away from the turkey as it follows, squawking angrily.

When the car tries speeding forward, the bird races alongside the driver’s side door, continuing to complain at their audacity.

“Oh, my God, what is this thing doing?” asks someone in the background.

The video has been viewed 24,000 times in the past day and shared more than 500 times.

“Today could not be a more appropriate day to share this video,” said the Summerville Police Facebook post. “This turkey owns this stretch of road here in Summerville.”

The video, which was filmed prior to Thanksgiving Day, has gotten more than 300 comments. Many are from people claiming they’ve been chased by the same bird in that part of Summerville, a city about 50,000 people 95 miles southeast of Columbia.

The turkey recently started chasing cars after its home was bulldozed for a new office building, said some of its fans on Facebook.

“I just love him,” posted Donna L. Lanham on the police department Facebook page. “Yes, he owns the road, because his home was taken away from him when they started building that office. We have watched him often looking (like) he was lost. How sad is that.”

“I got out to feed him some crack corn and the turkey came after me,” posted Genny Duesterbeck. “I jumped in the car and we got away, but I laughed the whole way. I couldn’t believe that the turkey was chasing me.”’

“I have seen him chase a paramedic vehicle, too,” commented Ellen Sell Townsend.

The department tried having a social media contest to name the turkey, but ultimately gave up Friday morning.

“We had no idea he was already so popular,” said a department post. “After reading all of the responses from so many, we realized that we cannot name this fella because he has been named by so many of you already.”

The department also announced that it will respect the turkey’s claim to the roadway.

“If you see our feathered friend or his lady bird strutting their stuff, please be mindful and know that you are in their area of operation and not to do anything to scare or hurt either of them,” said a Friday Facebook post by the department.


Today could not be a more appropriate day to share this video from a couple of weeks ago with our Facebook fans. This turkey owns this stretch of road here in Summerville and we need some ideas on what his official name should be. We will name this turkey before daylight on Black Friday. READY...SET...and GO!!! #BeNiceToOURTurkey #HeAintScared #LikeABoss

Posted by Summerville Police Department on Wednesday, November 21, 2018


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