Bodycam video shows Ohio officer arrested, charged with OVI

The officer has been placed on administrative assignment while the case is under review

By Sarah Roebuck

CINCINNATI — An Ohio officer is facing charges after being pulled over and accused of drunk driving. 

Body camera video obtained by WCPO from the Ohio State Highway Patrol shows a state trooper pulling over Justin Shields.

In the video, the trooper gives Shields a sobriety test.

“I got you speeding,” the trooper said as he walked up to Shields' car. 

“My bad, bro,” Shields said, showing his Cincinnati police badge and driver's license.  

The trooper asked Shields if he had been drinking, to which Shields replied "Nope." 

The trooper then had Shields follow a light with his eyes, again asking, "How much have you had to drink?"

“Literally nothing,” Shields said.

The video shows Shields initially refusing any OVI tests, but later on agreeing to a field test. 

During the field test, the trooper had Shields walk heel to toe for several steps. The video shows Shields having to put a foot out of line to control his balance. 

When the trooper had Shields stand on one foot for 30 seconds, Shields can be seen making it to 26 seconds before putting a second foot on the ground for balance. 

That's when the trooper asks Shields to put his hands behind his back and informs Shields he is being arrested for operating a vehicle impaired.

WCPO reports Shields has been placed on administrative assignment while the case is under review.  

Shields pleaded not guilty to an OVI charge. 

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