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It would be convenient for police to say, “Fire is the fire department’s problem,” but that’s often not the case
It is important to build a partnership between law enforcement and the citizens that you protect to help ensure the safety of human life and the protection of assets
The suspect was captured on surveillance footage crawling under the cruiser and lighting the fire
Chief Cortez Bowers said he worries that the suspected arson may have been in response to recent efforts to crack down on crime
The suspect fired shots at troopers who were executing a search warrant in connection with the torching and shooting of the agency’s cruisers
“Three of the four were basically destroyed by the fire. He shot at all of them and it’s a good chance all of them were hit,” Lt. Giannunzio said
The ex-Laurel police chief kept on his computer a coded list of people he felt had slighted him, researched their properties and set fires
Deputy Police Chief Archie Hamilton described the suspect as having anti-law enforcement views; stating the man intentionally started a fire
There was extensive damage to the front of the station and lobby area
The man had set the patrol SUV ablaze between his visits to a local bar, but ‘felt bad’ and returned to the scene of the crime to confess