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Former Rankin County Sheriff’s Office deputy Hunter Elward was sentenced to 241 months in prison for participating in the racially motivated assault of two men and a separate assault of another man
In 2016, 350 officers were assaulted across the state; in 2022, the number rose to 1,062
About 30% of all assaults on Minnesota police occurred during domestic disturbance responses
“Until these people are punished for assaulting New York City police officers, they’re going to continue,” PBA President Patrick Hendry said
Ray Allen Shetler accused the officers of seeking “retribution” for his fatal shooting of Officer Lloyd Reed Jr. and his acquittal in that case
The suspect took the deputy’s gun during the altercation, but the deputy was able to regain control of his firearm and fire several shots at the man
Officer Robert “Bobby” Garten was killed when the suspect, Richard Barrington, crashed into his cruiser while fleeing a separate traffic stop
The suspect, who was an off-duty deputy at the time, had gotten into a fight with a group of men and refused responding officers’ orders to drop his gun
The suspect hit Det. Karli Travis multiple times with a hammer; the prosecutor said the suspect has a history of assaulting law enforcement members
“We recognize the dangers that are involved, but you don’t go in expecting someone to try to beat you to death,” Sheriff T.K. Waters said
A suspect forcefully grabbed for their service weapons and began punching them in the head, knocking one officer unconscious
Some 35 people had been detained as other police agencies stepped in to assist the city’s officers
The blow to Pelosi occurs out of view and the officers rush into the house and jump on the suspect
The suspect is also accused of spitting on an officer who tried to place him inside a police vehicle
The woman was asked to leave the plane after asking a family, who were near her and whom she perceived to be Latino, if they were “smuggling cocaine”
After striking the deputy in the head and face with the phone, the inmate then tried to strangle the deputy with the phone cord
David DePape reportedly made plans to target other California and federal politicians after breaking into home looking for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi
Nancy Pelosi was not home when her 82-year-old husband was severely beaten with a hammer during the “targeted” attack
The suspect, who had visited the station hours prior, said he wanted to talk about “a person who was a danger”
A drone operator located the man, clad in body armor, in the woods as he approached threatened to shoot law enforcement officers
Dzenan Camovic is accused of stabbing a police officer in the neck, then stealing his gun to shoot two other cops
The officer and suspect got into a physical struggle, but four people stopped to help
The incident began when an officer entered a store and found the suspect in an altercation with a clerk
“This is real danger. This person was wanted for murder. This person had a loaded gun,” Mayor Eric Adams said
A man is facing charges for assault, attempted kidnapping and trespassing after allegedly posing as a parent at a kindergarten open house
Police had responded to the scene to break up a street party following a parade, where they encountered a suspect with a gun