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Airway and Transit Policing

The Airway and Transit Policing topic is aimed at the law enforcers who keep our transit systems safe.

List ranks occupations by level of stress, driving home the importance of hiring responders who can remain calm during high-stress situations
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A woman stabbed a taxi driver before stabbing two other people inside Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport
U.S. District Court Judge William Kuntz told Frank James that what he did was “pure evil”
Chief Michel Moore said he was “deeply disturbed by the vicious and gruesome attack” on the sergeant who was “simply conducting routine patrol of the transit line”
A chief, captain and 19 officers make up the newest PD formed in the state in at least 50 years
Transit authority will increase the number of patrol officers on trains and at stations as it tries to bring back riders after the pandemic
Once Shante Trumpet noticed the gunman’s grip had loosed on the gun, she knew it was her time to act
Metro officials said they had recently beefed up security measures, including increased police patrols and video surveillance
The woman was asked to leave the plane after asking a family, who were near her and whom she perceived to be Latino, if they were “smuggling cocaine”