Cops keep getting called to Texas man’s Halloween display, but he just adds more gore

This year's upgrades include a woodchipper

By Mike Stunson
The Charlotte Observer

DALLAS — A ghastly Halloween display in Dallas full of fake blood and murder scenes is leaving nothing to the imagination.

And despite cops having been called to the home in past years, Steven Novak keeps adding to the elaborate bloodbath. New to the gruesome gallery this year are a wood chipper blood fountain and 55-gallon drums overflowing with shredded party guests, he told the Dallas Observer.

“All the cops that came out last year were an absolute gas,” Novak said, according to the Observer. “I welcome them to come out and take more selfies.”

The display has wowed the internet, where his Instagram photos and TikTok videos are pulling in a bevy of reactions. Not bad for a man who doesn’t even love Halloween, KTVT reported last year.

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What he does love, according to KTVT, is gore. And there’s plenty of it all along the exterior of his Texas home.

Fake body parts are strewn across the yard — some piled in a wheelbarrow — with one body even dangling off a roof. More bodies are a bloody mess on the walkway to the front door.

The fountain shoots off 3,000 gallons of fake blood per hour into a kiddie pool across the walkway. His TikTok videos show that the fountain is setup through a water pump system.

If you take a look in the front window, you’ll see a projector image of party guests desperately attempting to escapethe fake murder scene.

“I mean, anybody that doesn’t look at this and crack up, there’s something wrong with them,” Novak told KTVT last year.

As he built his display, Novak chronicled on social media how he made various scenes — including the broken door illusion and wood chipper.

Novak welcomes onlookers to his yard, located on M Street in East Dallas.

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