‘I’ve talked to the chief’: Former CO arrested for impersonating a cop

Bodycam video of his encounter with real – and exasperated – cops has drawn over 1.7 million views

By Police1 Staff 

WHITEHALL, Ohio — A former corrections deputy has been charged with impersonating a police officer after cops caught him driving an unmarked black and white car. Video of his April 8 encounter with real – and exasperated – cops has drawn over 1.7 million views on YouTube. 

In bodycam video obtained last week by NBC 4, Whitehall police officers are seen questioning Casey Donovan Williams, 26, about his alleged law enforcement credentials.

“But you have no ID from them? And have you ever been sworn in by them?” an officer asks.

“I’ve talked to the chief –” Williams begins. 

“No, no,” the officer interrupts. “I’m asking you a direct question.” 

A second officer adds, “It’s very important you answer this correctly. Because being a former police officer, or someday a current police officer, you know if you lie in this situation, you go directly to jail.” 

After dodging a few more questions, Williams admits that he’s “not currently” a sworn officer, before adding, “I’m unsure.” 

“You can’t be unsure!” both officers exclaim. 

“Now, you’re gonna be charged,” the first officer says. 

“Aw, seriously?” Williams responds.

According to NBC 4, Williams had presented himself as a deputy working a special duty detail in Whitehall. Officers arrested him after learning there was no special duty assignment. Williams also produced a fake badge, police said. In his mock cruiser, police found a loaded rifle, a ballistic vest and a Pickaway County Sheriff’s Office coat, according to NBC 4. Williams was also wearing a duty belt, which held a loaded handgun, a TASER, two pairs of handcuffs, pepper spray and a flashlight. 

Documents obtained by NBC 4 revealed that Williams resigned from his position as a corrections deputy in September 2020. His resignation came after he portrayed himself as an on-duty deputy during a state fair when he was not scheduled to work, according to NBC 4. 

Williams was charged with impersonating an officer and improper handling of a firearm. 

McClatchy-Tribune News Service

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