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Police help remove alligator, cow from Houston highways in same day

Just hours after a wayward bovine was captured, highways were again snarled by an alligator

houston cow alligator

By Jay R. Jordan
Houston Chronicle

HOUSTON — Houston highways need more animal crossing signs.

By way of the bovine and an alligator, two freeways were all-but overtaken by wildlife Wednesday morning. First, a cow (it was technically a steer) roamed in and out of traffic along Interstate 10 East near Beltway 8 during the end of morning rush hour.

It’s quite the sight to see, captured by a driver and sent to Hood News on Facebook:

He had quite the adventure but was eventually caught with the help of a bystander and the sheriff’s livestock team.

The day had already proved to produce news of the weird variety. But leave it to Houston to really go off.

Hours after the steer was caught, an alligator was spotted in the northbound lanes of the Fred Hartman Bridge, according to ABC13. Helicopter footage from the station’s SkyEye showed as police wrangled the alligator into the back of a pickup.

Houston drivers are no strangers to obstructions on the highway. I’ll steer (hah) you to my list of all the things we didn’t expect to see on the freeway in 2020 — from spools under bridges to flooding in the sunshine.

These two today already prove the list for 2021 will be even wilder.

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