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Top 5 most bizarre 911 calls

By Police1 Staff

Somewhere along the way, the purpose of police and dispatchers got misconstrued, and 911 became the place to go when you got an unsatisfactory sandwich, needed a new ‘weed guy,’ or when you get stuck doing those pesky subtraction problems.

While it’s not exactly funny that people think it’s okay to tie up an emergency line for these ridiculous problems, dispatchers and police can’t help but laugh at some of these insane 911 calls. Have a similar story? Share it with us in the comments!

1. Just recently an Oregon man called 911 to ask where he could get marijuana. The shocked dispatcher told him she didn’t have a clue and the call ended.

2. This month a NC woman was arrested after calling 911 from a Subway sandwich shop, because her pizza was made with marijuana sauce.

3. While some of these calls may be purely frustrating, you can’t help but laugh at the dispatcher’s patience when a 4-year-old boy calls 911 for help… with his math problems.

4. In Tampa, a woman returned from the hospital after tripping over a wire and breaking her ankle, and promptly called 911 to file a report.

5. In 2010 a homeless man called 911 after sneaking into a hot tub and getting stuck — allegedly for 10 hours before making the call, in which he claimed to be a sheriff, and requested towels and hot chocolate.