Video: Cuffed Texas burglar steals cruiser

Officers are still searching for the suspect after the vehicle was found abandoned

By Police1 Staff

WHITE SETTLEMENT, Texas — Police are searching for a burglary suspect who’s escape from the back of a cruiser was caught on dash cam.

Darren Porter was arrested Friday at the scene of an antique store that had been robbed, and placed in the back of a cruiser. The dash cam from another cruiser shows Porter roll down the car’s window, open the door, and get into the driver’s seat before the vehicle takes off. 

Officers were unaware that the vehicle was missing until calls came in about a marked police cruiser driving erratically, according to CBS11.

The car was later found abandoned in Fort Worth, but Porter is still missing. He is now facing charges of felony theft and escape in addition to the original burglary charges.

The department plans to review its policies and procedures. 

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