Video: Fla. officers wrangle 'giant,' friendly dog that refused to leave Dollar General

One officer had to call backup for a bigger dog leash

By Jami Ganz
New York Daily News

BRADENTON, Fla. — Out of the doghouse and into the dollar store.

A missing pooch in Florida was rescued thanks to his own stubbornness and curiosity — after the dog, Bentley, parked himself at a Dollar General, the Bradenton Police Department shared in a Facebook post Thursday.

Authorities were responded to a call “in reference to a giant dog that wouldn’t leave - and they really needed to close the store,” said the department.

“135 lb. Bentley broke through a gate and walked a few blocks to the store, where he spent a couple of hours browsing. Clerks went about their business until they really needed to lock up!” the department said. “Bentley’s Dad realized he was missing and was grateful that the store, and officers, looked after him. Fortunately, Bentley does have a microchip - or maybe a megachip?!”

The illustrative retelling accompanied an officer’s bodycam video as he reported to the store and got Bentley to follow him out.

“He’s a big ole boy,” the officer can be heard saying.

“I don’t know who would have lost him or how,” an employee laughs as Bentley leads the officer to the front of the store, only to take a detour behind the register.

While the officer waits to be brought a leash, noting the dog was “too big” for his leg restraints, Bentley continues to wander.

“He just really walked the whole store,” an employee tells the other officer coming in to assist. “And we couldn’t get him out. But then it was time to close, we had to lock our doors. And now I fear, if I let him go, what can happen to him.”

As the officers eventually manage to wrangle big Bentley, all the while amused at his baffling size, they even pose for a snap with the pup — shown at the end and captioned, “Bentley’s Big Night Out” — before his owner drives up and verifies the dog is his.

“He’s so sweet,” one of the officers tells him.

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