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Video: Ore. police searching for public pooper

The cops are asking for help in identifying the ‘Portland Pooper’

By Police1 Staff

PORTLAND, Ore. — The Portland Police Department is searching for a man caught on video defecating near businesses several times over the past few months, KOIN reported.

Many residents want to know the motive behind the man doing his business by businesses.

“I find it interesting that he has toilet paper with him, it’s very pre-planned,” Catrina Salazar, who works nearby at Phix Hair Studio, told KOIN 6 News. “You just don’t really know what to expect around here. People, they like do their own thing, they kind of march to the beat of their own drum.”

A business owner who has caught the man more than three times in the past month has deemed him the “Portland Pooper.”

Since the man has been officially deemed a suspect by police, his face is being shown in hopes of identifying him.

Flyers have been posted around the neighborhood asking for help.

Anyone with any information is asked to call the police.