Bank robber distracts police with fake ‘bomb’

The homeless man left a fake, gift-wrapped "bomb" at one bank so police would be investigating that while he robbed another location

By Police1 Staff

NEW YORK — A bank robber tried to distract cops by placing a fake bomb at one bank so he could rob another, according to police.

NY Post reported that Anthony Bari left a gift-wrapped, hard plastic case with a note at a Citibank and told an employee it was for an assistant bank manager.

“This is not a robbery. This is an act of vengeance against Citicorp. They cost me everything. This box is an explosive device and will detonate in five minutes,” the note said.

When police quickly intervened, they found the box only contained paper.

Bari entered another Citibank 45 minutes later and allegedly pulled a gun on an employee, demanding cash.

The distraction wasn’t enough to keep Bari from getting caught as cops arrested him at the scene. He was charged with attempted robbery, criminal possession of a weapon, attempted terrorist threats and placing a false bomb or hazardous substance.

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