Facing a subject schooled in MMA

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By Matthew Domyancic and Tony Blauer

When you’re out on the streets, your personal safety (and that of your fellow officer) is always in mind. Will you be ready for the sudden attack? How will you defend yourself? For the law enforcement community, even as the popularity of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) skyrockets, it is yet another safety concern, creating more emotional baggage for recruits or incumbent officers. But is it valid? In this article we will look at some thoughts about facing a subject schooled in MMA, as well as the benefits the popularity of MMA offers to officers willing to step up to the challenge.

Is a Mixed Martial Arts-trained subject more dangerous than any other bad guy?
In my experience, some of the worst street fights I’ve been in have been with skinny, crack-addicted hookers! But should we be concerned that legions of professionally-trained criminals are headed our way? The answer might surprise you. A “street fighter,” or anyone with the commitment to resist arrest or attack an officer in any context, should be treated as dangerous. Preparation time is most wisely spent on the probability of the types of resistance or attacks that could happen on the street. Limited training time should not be consumed with the infinite possibility of what the mind’s eye can create, whether it’s a finishing move from a UFC fight, or a complex Ninja move from a Bruce Lee film.

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