5 best moments between police and open carry advocates

By Police1 Staff

Last year when Police1 conducted a gun control survey, one of the biggest takeaways was that police encouraged civilians to be armed. Responsible open carry is not just tolerated, but encouraged by many members of the law enforcement community.

Yet many encounters with open carry advocates and police wind up tense, defensive, and often hostile. These five officers are shining examples of how to approach practitioners of open carry — often on camera and with much resistance to offer any personal information — and how to do it with respect and grace. 


Calif: Officer Lyons' sound response to an open carry activist

Officer Matthew Lyons of the Oceanside (Calif.) Police Department was rightly hailed for his tactically sound — and unflappable — response to a legally armed citizen. 


Ore: Officer Estes' calm, cool, classic open carry response

Three young men in Albany (Ore.) set out one afternoon in hopes of making 'an educational, instructional' video, and they got it. 


Pa: Officer quizzes man with uncovered pistol on open carry laws

The Philadelphia officer didn't illustrate his own knowledge of open carry in the interaction, but rather proved the civilian was well-versed through a series of questions.

Maine: The law student vs. the cop

A man exercising his rights with the camera recording was just waiting to encounter law enforcement and was ready — so he thought — for anything.

Calif: Santa Ana police approach defensive armed citizen

3 Santa Ana officers make quick work of a suspicious person call of an armed man. 


Knowing the ins and outs of your state's open carry laws is the first step to encountering these situations properly. Check out more tips on how to approach open carry advocates.

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