7 life lessons learned from the show 'Cops'

When we posted a funny reflection about what the reality legal series “Cops” has taught us to our Facebook page, we received some surprisingly funny feedback. It turns out we weren’t the only ones taking notes while watching the long-standing series (which is now remarkably in its 26th season). Check out these 7 life lessons that we owe to the fine officers and criminals of Cops:


https://media.cdn.lexipol.com/ems-old/1.gifAlways make sure you're wearing your own pants, because sure enough when you wear someone else's they're going to have dope in them. —​ Michael Reese

https://media.cdn.lexipol.com/ems-old/2.gifI learned that you have to be able to out-run the camera guy (cause they are always faster than the cops). Camera guy always tells them where you went. — Marcus George Aurelius

https://media.cdn.lexipol.com/ems-old/3.gifMy neighbor always said it taught him to never walk around in his underwear, ‘cause everyone on "Cops" gets arrested in their underwear...— Jim Francis

https://media.cdn.lexipol.com/ems-old/4.gifWhatever you do, don't wear a "wife beater" T-shirt! Straight shot to jail!! — Bob Hoffman

https://media.cdn.lexipol.com/ems-old/5.gifActually I think I learned not to run when a cop is just driving by. Walk casual or it’s suspicious and your a** is going to jail! — Autumn Rae

https://media.cdn.lexipol.com/ems-old/6.gif"Cops" taught me that:
1. Roll calls really happen
2. After an arrest, it is important to give a play by play to your colleagues
3. All pursuits begin with a U-turnTeddy Schnei Der

https://media.cdn.lexipol.com/ems-old/7.gif​Never run with your pants down around your a**, you will fall. — Dennis David

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