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Ky. police warn of car break-ins through song parody video

The video is a play on The Sound of Music’s ‘My Favorite Things’

Police1 Staff

LEXINGTON, Ky. — The Lexington Police Department is warning people about car break-ins through a musical PSA video.

The video, entitled “My Stolen Things,” features the melody to the Sound of Music song “My Favorite Things” but changes the lyrics.

LEX18 reports that the department continues to warn people about leaving valuables in vehicles as the rate of vehicle thefts in 2019 on track to surpass the number in 2018. Since November, there have been 55 guns reported stolen from vehicles in Lexington, according to a release provided to LEX18.

Lexington police called the video a ‘lighthearted way’ to get an important message across, WKYT reports.