Presidential candidates respond to IACP questionnaire

Trump and Clinton answered the same 10 questions on issues facing the criminal justice system

By Police1 Staff 

WASHINGTON — Both candidates for president recently responded to a set of questions from the IACP, designed to gain a better understanding of the candidates’ criminal justice-related policy positions and philosophy. 

The IACP asked Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton the same 10 questions on  issues facing the criminal justice system. 

Both candidate received the survey on July 15. The IACP released the responses this week. 

While the IACP cannot endorse or support a political candidate, it conducted the survey to provide its members with “each candidate’s policy positions specific to criminal justice and how they plan to work with law enforcement to safeguard communities throughout the United States.”

When asked what the top priority in the area of law enforcement and criminal justice was, Clinton said rebuilding trust between communities and law enforcement was the most important. 

“It will require all of us – police officers, non-profit organizations, faith leaders, and community activists and community members – to work together to make America safer and more just. I believe deeply that we can do both of those things,” Clinton said in the statement. “In fact, I believe we can’t do one without the other. When everyone has respect for the law, and when everyone is respected by the law, all of us are safer.”

Trump said that he plans to lower crime by ensuring that the law of the land is enforced, starting with federal statutes that encompass illegal immigration, drug trafficking and human trafficking.  

“To that end, we will reach out to state and local authorities to form the partnerships that will be necessary to make our neighborhoods, cities and villages safer places to live. Cooperation, not dictation, will be the way ahead for all who swear to defend the people,” Trump said. 

Read the full responses of Trump and Clinton here.

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