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SWAT cops get to play superhero for the day – all for a good cause

Spider-Man, Captain America and Wolverine surprised the children when they made an impromptu appearance outside their windows


Toledo SWAT officers dressed as Spider-Man, Captain America and Wolverine surprised kids at Ohio hospital.

Photo/Facebook via ABC 13 News

By Ashley Silver

TOLEDO, Ohio — Kids at a local children’s hospital got the opportunity to see their favorite superheroes literally flash and fly before their eyes.

According to NBC 24 News, Toledo SWAT officers dressed up as Spider-Man, Captain America and Wolverine, surprised the children at Nationwide Children’s Hospital when they made an impromptu appearance outside their hospital windows.

“It was a great surprise for them,” Donna Ruedisueli, the interim chief nursing officer for Nationwide Children’s Hospital Toledo told NBC.

One of the participating officers told NBC 24 how much it meant to him to be able to perform for the 18 kids who won’t get to experience traditional Halloweens this year.

“It’s all for the kids,” Toledo Officer Robert Orwig said. “The kids that can’t get out and enjoy Halloween or trick or treating, they’re stuck in their hospital beds. It’s our way to try to give them a little more, you know, make them smile, make them laugh for at least one day.”

Using props like Captain America’s shield, the officers stayed in character all the way down the side of the building, tapping on windows to interact with the children as they traveled.

“One child that’s up there saw Spider-Man coming upside down and you could just hear him bursting into laughter and excitement,” Ruedisueli told the media platform.

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