Top 5 acts of police kindness caught on camera in 2014

By Police1 Staff

From cops connecting with kids to lending a hand to those in poverty, 2014 was filled with countless examples of police officers going above and beyond the call of duty for their community. We’ve picked five of our favorite stories from the year highlighting acts of kindness that just happened to be caught on camera. Check them out and tell us which ones made your list.

Ind. SWAT cop connects with kids after nearby standoff

After what children saw as a very scary situation, an IMPD SWAT officer took the time to make sure they knew the police were there to protect them.


Bystander catches Va. cop's good deed at daycare

Officer scooped up children getting off a school bus, two at a time, and carried them through deep water to their day care.


Calif. cops push Army vet stranded on scooter home

The scooter 67-year-old Gilbert LaRocque relies on to get around had run out of power and he could not walk home.

Ala. cop buys food for shoplifter trying to feed kids

Officer purchased eggs for a reported shoplifter after she explained she had taken them to feed her children.

NBA player catches Ind. cop's good deed

Indiana Pacers player Roy Hibbert snapped a picture of an IMPD officer who got out of his car to give a homeless man a pair of boots.



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