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Amid the backyard barbecues and price-slashing sales, thousands across the country are remembering their loved ones
Memorial Day has a specific purpose, and maintaining that purpose is important
Educator finds new purpose helping to mold students at historic, cost-free, private residential school in Hershey, Pa.
A former UK Special Forces operator and star of Netflix’s “Toughest Forces on Earth” shares accounts of extraordinary missions, his journey to overcome a career-ending injury, and insights on leadership and resiliency
The series follows three adventurous veterans as they train alongside some of the world’s most elite military units, getting an inside look at their tactics and weaponry
In addition to honoring Americans who gave the ultimate sacrifice, Memorial Day weekend is marked by community events, travel and the unofficial start of summer
“[The program] serves as a bridge between the individual skills acquired in the military and the opportunities awaiting them in the civilian workforce,” said Major General Shawn Manke , Minnesota National Guard adjutant general
The three killed in the crash were: N.Y. National Guard Officers Casey Frankoski, 28, and John Grassia, 30, who was also a state trooper, and Border Patrol Agent Chris Luna, 49
The tour honors the service of Airmen both past and present in a showcase of musical excellence with all concerts free and open to the public
Gov. Kathy Hochul also announced proposals to add random bag searches, install cameras in conductor cabs and ban anyone convicted of an assault on transit from the system for 3 years
“The National Guard’s expertise in crisis management and community support can offer a vital temporary intervention, allowing ... a long-term solution to be developed,” the school board members wrote
The Veterans Justice Initiative partners with local law enforcement to identify veterans who could benefit from services and how to improve officer resiliency
There were multiple attempts to deploy stop sticks to disable the vehicle, but the attempts failed, the sheriff’s office said
There are three common elements that can drive the best outcomes
Leon Lott serves as Richland County sheriff and S.C. State Guard commander
The motion was filed days after a jury awarded Lt. Caron Nazario less than $4K in a lawsuit in which he had sought more than $1 million
Lt. Caron Nazario sued the officers for claims of assault and battery, false imprisonment and illegal search during a 2020 traffic stop
Not only do many veterans find law enforcement appealing but employers are typically eager to hire former military personnel
Podcast will address the strategies that allow law enforcement and tactical unit commanders to maintain control of critical incidents
A new state law requires police agencies to establish policies about the use of such equipment
Woman’s journey to recovery fosters healing for military veterans, first responders
A new California law requires police agencies to get approval to use — or continue using — certain equipment
The Oneida County Sheriff’s Office says the SkillsBridge program is a win-win situation
Sheriff Craig Owens says the program makes for a good pool of quality candidates
Crowd control
Guard members will not carry firearms or take part in law enforcement activities, the Pentagon said
The Guard would provide assistance at traffic control checkpoints, authorities said
Gov. Tim Walz has authorized the Guard to prepare to assist if needed
The bill, passed by both houses, eliminates an extra step that critics say can slow response