Video: Chicago cop joins street performer for impromptu performance

Video shows a crowd gathering to hear the surprise collaboration

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CHICAGO — A police officer on patrol in downtown Chicago took a break to collaborate with a street musician. 

In a video posted on Facebook and aired on ABC7, street musician Erik Pelligrino can be seen playing his electronic keyboard while the unidentified officer watches. After about 30 seconds, Pelligrino steps aside and asks the unidentified officer if he’d like to try. 

“You got it man,” Pelligrino can be heard saying as the officer begins playing one note at a time. 


shout out to Chicago PD for the collab ! 🚀🔥🎹

Posted by Erik Greeno on Saturday, September 21, 2019

A crowd gathers around the two as they take turns on the keyboard and play in unison. Several times, the crowd cheers and claps. When the performance concludes, Pelligrino and the officer share a handshake and hug. 

“That was awesome, man, thank you,” the officer says in the video. 

Pelligrino later uploaded the video to Facebook with the caption “Shout out to Chicago PD for the collab.” 

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