Miss. officer shot responding to social distancing violation

The officer was wounded and two patrol cars damaged by suspects shooting at officers, throwing bricks and bottles

The Courier-Post

LEXINGTON, Miss. — Three men have been charged in the shooting of a Lexington police officer late last week.

Kiara Brown, Ayquanya Brown, and 25-year-old Jamie Purnell are charged with three counts of aggravated assault on a police officer along with felony malicious mischief.

“It is just frustrating,” said Chief Robert Kirklin. “We are here to do our job and you have some people who don’t respect themselves and do not respect law enforcement. They get out here and shoot us like we are a dog in the street.”

Kirklin said it all started Thursday night when they got a call about a disturbance and people not social distancing on 3rd Street. When Officer Kenny Gee and other officers arrived on scene, violence began.

"They became very belligerent and they started throwing bricks at the officer and bottles and everything else they can find," Kirklin said. "At one point one of the suspects ran to the back of the residence and came up with a gun and started firing at the officers, striking two police cars."

Officer Gee was also shot once in his shoulder. The chief says he drove himself to the hospital for help.

"Officer Kenny Gee is in a lot of pain... He has been with us for six months, and it is just a blessing he was wearing his bulletproof vest because it could’ve been a lot worse,” said Kirklin.

Three men now face charges in connection with the shooting. The chief says one of the suspects was already out on bond for aggravated assault on an officer.

“The violence has been bad and it might be getting worse," said Kirklin. "They want to hang out and have barbecues and we try to keep social distancing. This is not a game. We’re out here to serve and protect."

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