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Are prison reform efforts working?

In this podcast segment, Jim and Doug discuss the topics of re-entry and recidivism

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The DOJ recently released an updated study from the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) showing that 83 percent of prisoners released by states under so-called “jailbreak” programs were re-arrested within nine years of their release. Astonishingly, just days after the DOJ report was released, the House of Representatives passed a “prison reform” bill by a margin of 360–59. Dubbed the First Step Act (short for Formerly Incarcerated Reenter Society Transformed Safely Transitioning Every Person Act), the bill seeks to incentivize federal inmates to participate in rehabilitation programs that ostensibly would give them skills to re-enter society without committing more crimes. In this podcast segment, Jim and Doug discuss the topics of re-entry and recidivism.

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“We hear from law enforcement that [quotas take] them out of their neighborhoods, it takes them out of doing their most important job and that is to protect public safety,” one of the bill’s sponsor’s stated
Cellphone carriers are now required to send first responders based on the location of the caller, rather than the nearest cell tower
Should the House pass the legislation, the law would require bail for misdemeanors including second reckless driving or criminal trespass offenses and any misdemeanor battery
The bill would prevent officers from pulling over motorists for reasons such as driving with an expired registration sticker, various equipment failures and driving without a seat belt