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Crime Tracking

An in-depth review of the latest trends in police pursuit policies and tactics, with a keen focus on the response to evolving crime trends and risk management challenges
Agencies need to embrace this change and understand this type of information is critical to crime prevention and crime-solving
Using AI and facial recognition software for real-time crime reporting is the next logical progression in how police are already using existing technology
Nearly 200 homicides occurred in 2023, up from 151 in 2019; the new plan will utilize police and community collaboration, a larger volume of social services and a concept called “focused deterrence” to reduce crime
The network of cameras will provide real-time crime alerts, alerting authorities when a suspected crime-linked vehicle is spotted
“We know that driving down crime requires us to send a clear message that if you make our city less safe, if you bring violence to our community, you will be held accountable,” D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser stated
The drop in killings follows the launch of an anti-gun crime unit in 2022
Homicides on average dropped 9.4% during the first half of 2023 as compared to the same period last year
Columbus realigned patrol zones for better policing and response times in affected neighborhoods, with resources deployed more efficiently
A number of communities, rural and metropolitan, have experienced continued increases in homicides
Police said 110 Rikers Island inmates have accounted for 190 arrests since NYC began releasing inmates in March
Law enforcement agencies are continuing to transition to a more detailed reporting system
Police are being praised for pursuing a tip that led to the arrest of a man in the fatal drive-by of a 7-year-old girl
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