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By Police1 Staff

Police face many dangers on patrol, but the sheer unpredictability of a situation where cops are outnumbered and battling a violent crowd can be one of the most hazardous of the profession. From a massive riot in the streets of a major city to an all-out brawl at a wedding, these five videos paint a portrait of how much damage can be caused by people in numbers. Watch and share your own experiences below.

Helmet cam captures cops' clash with Ariz. college crowd

Fifteen people were arrested in the March 29 incident near the University of Arizona's main gate.


Feds face protesters in battle over Nev. ranch rights

Federal authorities were on the defensive during the fourth day of a monthlong offensive to remove an outspoken rancher's cattle from lands administered by the BLM.


Police disperse Giants revelers after World Series win

Everything from trash barrels to a transit bus were aflame after the win.

Protesters at Calif. college fight with police

Six officers suffered minor injuries in the scuffle.

Cops break up huge fight at Philly wedding

Police were called to break up a massive brawl between two separate wedding parties.



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