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Policing Matters Podcast: The DOJ, states’ rights and legalized marijuana

Jim and Doug discuss the ramifications of the new position of the DOJ

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Under federal law, marijuana is illegal. Meanwhile, 30 states and the District of Columbia currently have laws legalizing marijuana for either medical or recreational use. This discord puts the Justice Department in a legal bind. Under President Obama, Deputy Attorney General James Cole drafted a memo saying that the Feds would defer to state and local agencies to enforce their own marijuana laws, with federal involvement directed only at drug cartels and activity in states where pot was still illegal. But in the first week of 2018, the mainstream media reported that Attorney General Jeff Sessions plans to lift those Obama-era restrictions on Federal enforcement of drug laws in jurisdictions that have voted to legalize marijuana. However, Sessions stopped short of directly encouraging U.S. prosecutors to bring marijuana cases. Jim and Doug discuss the ramifications of the new position of the DOJ.

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