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Veritone launches AI-powered digital evidence management system

iDEMS helps extract valuable data to solve investigations more efficiently by automating workflows from data silos into a secure, centralized AI-driven system

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By Police1 Staff

DENVER — Veritone, Inc. has announced the launch of its new Intelligent Digital Evidence Management System (“iDEMS”), which leverages AI to modernize existing digital evidence management systems.

iDEMS helps public safety and judicial agencies extract valuable data and insights to solve investigations more efficiently by automating workflows from data silos into a secure, centralized AI-driven system that significantly improves upon legacy evidentiary software.

Built on Veritone’s aiWARE platform and hosted on Amazon Web Services’ (“AWS”) Criminal Justice Information System (“CIJS”)-compliant environment, iDEMS is a cloud-based platform comprised of Veritone’s public sector solutions — Veritone Investigate, Redact, Illuminate, Tracker and IDentify. iDEMS’ downstream workflows centralize digital evidence, streamline redaction, improve analysis and evidence discovery, track persons of interest across all containerized content files and identify persons of interest from an existing records database. The solution also provides technical workflow integrations with many of the industry’s leading software platforms and tools, including:

  • Freedom Of Information Act (“FOIA”) providers such as Granicus and Opexus;
  • Video management systems like Milestone and Qognify;
  • e-discovery platforms such as Relativity;
  • Investigations and forensics providers such as Exterro and Nuix; and
  • Any open APIs offered by other law enforcement solutions providers such as Axon’s and Cellebrite

At the heart of iDEMS is Veritone Investigate, which provides a customizable user interface and serves as the central evidence hub to store, manage, analyze and share all digital evidence files. Investigate connects to any cloud or on-premise data source, such as 911 and video management systems, and ingests any type of media files, including body-worn camera footage, surveillance footage and jailhouse calls. Investigators can leverage primary and advanced AI models to catalog and tag unstructured data within audio, video and PDF evidence files, leading to actionable insights. Investigate automatically runs and processes primary AI models such as transcription, object detection, facial detection and scene detection to help agencies search, discover and catalog the fundamental information needed to accelerate investigations.

Veritone iDEMS comes at a time of rapid market growth for digital evidence management systems. Gartner’s Market Guide for Digital Evidence Management Systems (published January 30, 2024) notes that “reports estimate the global market size to exceed $12 billion by 2028 with compound annual growth rates at 10% or more.”

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