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Trending topics: Why you should always check your six

By Police1 Staff

Cops are keenly aware of their surroundings, but as these five videos show, no matter how in tune to the environment one may be, there are always opportunities for danger to get the drop on you. From a woman armed with scissors attacking a cop at a traffic stop to a brazen assault at a police station, this week’s ‘Trending Topics’ is all about sneak attacks. Take a look and share your thoughts below.

Fla. woman chokes officer at station after arrest

The woman came up behind the officer, using her cuffs to choke her.

Vt. woman who cut officer’s throat acquitted of charges

Woman approached an officer from behind and used a knife to cut his throat.

Woman stabs cop with scissors during traffic stop

Officer was stabbed by a woman with a pair of scissors as he conducted a traffic stop.

Drunk man tries to crush bottle on cop’s head

While an officer questioned two women in a parking lot, a drunk man snuck up behind him and tried to hit him in the head with a booze bottle.

Man pushes officer into lake at concert

The officer was pushed into a lake as police were attempting to save a man in the water at an outdoor concert in England.