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Traffic Stop

Understanding the behavior and ideology of sovereign citizens is crucial for ensuring the safety of law enforcement officers, especially during traffic stops
In a recent case, the court determines whether a traffic stop was legally extended based on reasonable suspicion
Redefining the landscape of traffic enforcement in a society increasingly focused on police reform and community safety
Deputy Greg McCowan was killed and Deputy Shelby Eggers was shot in the leg; the suspect remains at large
The bill would prevent officers from pulling over motorists for reasons such as driving with an expired registration sticker, various equipment failures and driving without a seat belt
The trooper was standing on the passenger side of the stopped vehicle and speaking with the driver, when another car side swiped the stopped vehicle
Trooper Joel Popp joined the Michigan State Police in 2020; he is survived by his wife and young daughter
The county attorney who brought the charges argued that Trooper Ryan Londregan’s use of force was unjustified in the shooting of Ricky Cobb II
The city of Monona reinstated the police department’s policy that allows officers to pursue in cases where suspects “pose a danger to public safety”
The policy, which was voted down by the Brooklyn Center city council, would have restricted pretextual stops
The Atlanta PD changed its policy and the South Fulton city council passed a resolution no longer allowing the arrests after a man died when a TASER was deployed at him