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Traffic Stop

How an officer responds should be based on both individual rights and officer safety
When Monroe County DA Sandra Doorley resisted commands during a traffic stop, the responding officer demonstrated essential tactics for upholding professionalism
Each stop brings inherent risks and practicing and mentally rehearsing strategies to enhance safety is one of an officer’s most essential responsibilities
A Fullerton Police Department officer was outside his cruiser investigating a fatal crash when a Tesla slammed into his patrol vehicle, narrowly missing the officer
“(The officer) had to disengage from the traffic stop to be able to engage the mayor,” Surfside PD Chief Henry Doce stated, reminding the public not to interrupt officers on duty
“During the struggle [the suspect]... put the gun against Officer Yarusso’s chest and shot [him] point blank range,” Queens Assistant District Attorney Lauren Reilly said
"[The fleeing driver] is the culprit...Make no mistake about it. It’s not the police’s fault that this individual is dead,” local NAACP President Derrick Foward said
Following the fatal OIS, Chicago PD has initiated reviews of its traffic stop protocols and intensified training on Fourth Amendment responsibilities
“This is an example of how quickly situations can escalate and become dangerous for our officers,” the Dayton Police Department stated
The officer was able to push the trailer off himself and rush to aid his partner before being taken to a hospital
Seward County Deputies found several bags full of methamphetamines with a total value of $7.2 million
Monroe County DA Sandra Doorley can be heard telling the officer he was being an “a–hole” after he asked why she was being hostile
Deputy Tobin Bolter, 27, who joined the Ada County Sheriff’s Office in January, had been in law enforcement for seven years
The Cheyenne Police Department said the man’s aggressive actions, including using a TASER on an officer, prompted the use of baton strikes to prevent him from accessing a knife
Initial reports suggest that the driver, who was stopped for a seatbelt violation, fired at officers through the vehicle window, initiating the shootout
The man was initially stopped because his taillights were out; he fled the stop, calling 911 to say that he would kill any officers who stopped him
An ordinance prohibiting pretextual stops is among the reforms that have been nullified by the new state law
More than 1,000 people showed up in the rain to attend the vigil, including Jonathan Diller’s fellow NYPD officers, local officers, friends and neighbors, as well as former President Donald Trump and Mayor Eric Adams
“I know money doesn’t cure this ... but it’s the least we can do. It’s just awful, so whatever we can do to support it, we will,” Dave Portnoy said
Mobile devices like tablets and e-citation printers can make traffic stops safer by making them more efficient
Officer Jonathan Diller, 31, was shot by a man identified as Guy Rivera, previously arrested by the NYPD 21 times according to police sources
The court rules on whether a dog sniff or the vehicle inventory and impound led to the extension of the traffic stop
The fatal shooting occurred after a DUI suspect fled a traffic stop and fired shots at officers
While a deputy was searching a vehicle, the driver got into the car and drove off with the deputy still inside; after the man did not heed instructions to stop, the deputy shot him, causing the car to crash
Officers Ella French and Carlos Yanez Jr. were shot, and French was killed while performing an August 2021 traffic stop
In a recent case, the court reviews police use of force on a compliant subject over the course of a traffic stop
The policy will forbid officers from stopping drivers or pedestrians for nine traffic infractions under most circumstances, such as driving without functioning rear brake lights
Understanding the behavior and ideology of sovereign citizens is crucial for ensuring the safety of law enforcement officers, especially during traffic stops
Deputy Greg McCowan was killed and Deputy Shelby Eggers was shot in the leg; the suspect remains at large