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Choosing one expert source to provide consoles, mounting solutions, storage and other fixtures ensures the best fit, performance, space maximization and safety for patrol officers
How to leverage nontraditional resources to assist law enforcement operations
Quartermaster software can help your agency keep track of mission-critical supplies and better plan for budgets and replacement costs
“We are thrilled to provide Safariland and Haley Strategic customers with new fits for their favorite firearms,” said Tim Drnec, VP of Marketing for Safariland. “The IncogX... ensures that users can carry their Smith & Wesson handguns confidently and comfortably”
The man operated a ballistic equipment business from 2016 to 2022 called BulletProof-IT, selling helmets, body armor and shields to agencies that included law enforcement agencies, fire departments and the military
The water rescue kits will allow police officers to safely and effectively provide rescue efforts immediately, Aurora Police Department officials stated
Chris Broomell from discusses law enforcement firearms and training
Changes the department has enacted since the 2022 shooting at Robb Elementary include replacing equipment and updating and extending officer training
“It seems that every time I come in, in the morning, I look at a briefing report and we had something at night where we’re trying to track an individual, and the [night vision goggles] are just vital to what we’re doing,” Sheriff Jim DeWees said
“We’ve got a full complement now of patrol helicopters and that should last us a long time,” Sheriff Kelly Martinez said
More than $20 million will go toward new patrol cars, motorcycles, four wheelers and vans
Police are still investigating the incident, as officers aren’t sure how the suspect obtained the forklift
The new holsters come with a device that uses bluetooth technology to automatically activate an officer’s body camera when the gun is drawn
Paperwork, computers, fingerprint machines, printers, weapons, ballistic vests and gun belts for the department’s officers were destroyed
“If we have insufficient resources for our daily operations, we are truly behind the eight ball when severe weather and other emergencies occur,” a union rep said
Sheriff Vernon Betts wants $2 million in funding for police take-home radios that would replace current outdated equipment
The Batman-esque gadget is already in use in other Calif. counties
‘Spot’ served as a remote observation device to provide images of potentially dangerous suspects or devices
Two hard body armor kits will be placed in each of the approximately 60 patrol cars for officers to slip on during an active shooting scenario
Police motorcycle officers will be able to choose a two-color combination