Video: FBI agent scales unlocked gate during manhunt

The agent climbs the fence only to have fellow agents open the gate and walk through seconds later

By Nina Golgowski
The Daily Mail

New Jersey — A blood-pumping raid by the FBI on a New Jersey home turned into the butt of hundreds of online jokes when an agent's dramatic climb over a gate proved far more embarrassing than necessary.

The video appeared in a local NBC news broadcast before it was posted to YouTube by entertained viewers heard snickering in the background. As seen on local news coverage the man struggled to hop over the gate, only for the gate to be easily and instantly flung open by the other agents behind him.

The man gives no turn-around recognition to them, or the gate, but continues marching strong toward the house.

Full Story: Moment FBI agent struggled to climb over gate... just before men behind him open it and walk through

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