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The suspect knocked the officer down, pinning him on the ground
The suspect shoved the officer into his cruiser and got on top of him, violently hitting him, getting his gun
Police found 200 people violating coronavirus rules Saturday night at an “amateur fighting event” called “Rumble in the Bronx”
By the time the man jumped into the fray, the trooper and the suspect were both on the ground and in a muddy ditch about 10 feet off the roadway
Salem Police said security stopped the family when some of them tried to get into the park with buck knives on their belts
One man hit another while newly graduated kindergarten students were celebrating, triggering a melee that involved up to 20 people and resulted in a school lockdown
An officer with the Eatonton Police department died Sunday during the arrest of two suspects that were fighting
Two Alameda County sheriff’s deputies were beaten trying to break up a fight between two men at an apartment