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Video: Scuffle between Wis. man and cop goes viral, union defends officer

The confrontation began as the suspect yelled at officers and questioned their arrest of another individual


By Police1 Staff

GREEN BAY The Green Bay Police Department is investigating a scuffle between a man and an officer outside a tavern that was captured on video.

According to the FDL Reporter, the incident started when police ticketed a patron who left the bar with an open intoxicant.

29-year-old Joshua Wenzel, the suspect who was involved in the scuffle in the video, says he and a group of friends were outside of the bar when he witnessed an arrest by one of the officers.

The Green Bay Press-Gazette identified the officer involved as Officer Derek Wicklund. Wicklund and Wenzel got into the confrontation after Wenzel yelled at officers and questioned the arrest. Wenzel was charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

The Green Bay Police Department voluntary initiated an investigation.

“We haven’t had, per se, a formal complaint filed, but based on the information we received (Monday) we have decided to start our own investigation,” Capt. Bill Galvin of the Green Bay Police Department said.

The Green Bay Professional Police Association was quick to defend the officer, calling the actions of Wicklund justifiable, legal, and lawful, Fox 11 reported.

Association President Ryan Meader said in a statement, “Like most video segments, it does not tell the entire story, and too often media outlets use such footage as propaganda to generate controversy, make headlines, and sell advertising space.”