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2 Indianapolis women led cops to kidnapped Ohio baby and suspect

The women encountered the suspect after giving her a ride, not realizing until the person began acting erratically that something was amiss


Photo/YouTube via WTHR

By Joseph Wilkinson
New York Daily News

INDIANAPOLIS — Two Indianapolis women were being hailed as heroes after they led police to a kidnapping suspect and a missing 5-month-old child earlier this week.

Baby Kason Thomass went missing from Columbus, Ohio, on Monday. Nalah Jackson, a 24-year-old woman, was identified as the suspect. She was also accused of kidnapping Kason’s twin brother, Kyair, who was found Tuesday at Dayton International Airport.

Shyann Delmar, 27, encountered Jackson at an Indianapolis gas station Tuesday, though she didn’t initially realize it, the Indianapolis Star reported Saturday. Delmar said she bought toys from Jackson and gave her a ride to a Family Dollar.

During that drive, Jackson started acting erratically, and Delmar took video on her phone, according to the Star. She sent that video to her cousin, Mecka Curry, and they both realized Jackson looked like a kidnapping suspect they’d seen in the news.

“I wanted just to verify it before I got her locked up,” Delmar told the Star.

Jackson agreed to meet Delmar and Curry again on Thursday, the Star reported. Delmar and Curry had cooked up a plan to take Jackson to a store and call the cops.

But when the two women called police, they were unable to convince authorities they were actually traveling with a kidnapping suspect, according to the Star. Delmar and Curry feared taking Jackson to a police station would only cause her to flee.

The cops called Delmar back while she was driving on Interstate 65, and Delmar was able to convince them to conduct a traffic stop to see Jackson for themselves. But even after officers pulled over the car and saw Jackson, they weren’t convinced.

Delmar and Curry had to pull out a mugshot and show it to the cop. That finally led to Jackson’s arrest.

“At that point, that was a relief,” Curry told the Star.

Not satisfied, the two women set about finding missing baby Kason. They began searching for the Honda Jackson was accused of stealing, centering their search around a bus schedule Jackson had left in their car.

Just as Delmar and Curry were about to give up and get a bite to eat, they spotted the car in a Papa John’s parking lot, according to the Star. Kason was inside.

Delmar and Curry alerted an officer inside a different pizza place nearby.

“At that point, we didn’t believe we really did this,” Curry told the Star. “We really did the unthinkable.”

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