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Crisis Negotiation

Gain a comprehensive overview of the current state of research on de-escalation tactics and techniques, and how this research informs training in law enforcement
The Lafayette PD uses technology like video game engines to train on consequence management, drones in the sky and a digital coaching platform
The “3 Cs” can increase the chances of successful decision-making and scene management during these complex incidents
“The crisis negotiation team’s ability to connect with Michael and convince him to surrender undoubtedly saved his life,” Henderson PD Deputy Chief Itzhak Henn said
Dr. Jeff Thompson, a retired NYPD detective and current scholar at Columbia University Medical Center, discusses the challenges and strategies in de-escalating crises
After nearly an hour of speaking with the suspect and using less lethal devices, the man charged at officers with a knife, leading to the shooting
Download this Police1 crisis negotiation training and products buying guide to learn key steps for product selection, purchasing and implementation
The suspect was threatening two hostages with a knife when a Lee County Sheriff’s Office SWAT officer fired a single shot through a computer monitor, killing him
In addition to co-response, the program will also offer peer support for incarcerated veterans and “after-care” for those who have suffered a mental health crisis
Former Yakima officer Elias Huizar went on the run Monday after killing two people, including his ex-wife, and kidnapping his baby son
Body camera footage shows that officers spoke to the man for several minutes before the shooting occurred, offering him cigarettes and attempting to talk him down from violence toward his wife
San Bernardino sheriff’s deputies were attempting to protect other officers when they shot and killed a teen girl who had been kidnapped by her father, a heavily-armed murder suspect
Tracy police deployed a BearCat Armored Recovery Vehicle and a drone to respond to a kidnapping where the victim was held at gunpoint by two individuals at a home
Through a small window in the office door, Denver Police officers could see that the suspect was threatening a hostage; officers broke through the office and attempted to intervene before firing multiple shots at the suspect
The deputy can be seen deploying his TASER at the man and commanding him to stop the car before the shooting; the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office has defended the deputy’s actions as necessary
The suspect stole a pickup truck with a sleeping 2-year-old inside; officers found and consoled the child, offering him a dinosaur story book
While a deputy was searching a vehicle, the driver got into the car and drove off with the deputy still inside; after the man did not heed instructions to stop, the deputy shot him, causing the car to crash
A female hostage was also shot; the suspect surrendered and was arrested by Ontario Police Department officers after an hours-long standoff
A tense hostage situation unfolded in a McDonald’s parking lot, where a suspect held a woman at knifepoint inside a semi-truck
“It was a chaotic scene,” Lee County Sheriff Carmine Marceno said. “We applied all technology — that’s the robodog, our SWAT team, electronic, surveillance [and] drones”
A legal and practical perspective
One suspect was killed in a shootout with officers and the other was arrested; the victim was uninjured and one officer sustained a non-life threatening injury
"[The suspect’s] objectives were to get into a shootout with law enforcement, kill law enforcement and be killed by law enforcement,” Chief Scott Vermillion said
The teen was safely reunited with her mother, but that outcome required quick coordination between at least six law enforcement agencies in two states within 27 hours
Video shows the 17-year-old suspect shooting at windows inside the Sangamon County Juvenile Detention Facility while holding a juvenile resident hostage
“We couldn’t spend too much time negotiating and risk the safety of the child,” Lt. Jennifer Kohrell said. “The actions of the officer saved the child’s life”
The officer who was killed was a member of the SWAT team and the wounded officer was going into surgery
When the officers announced their arrival, they immediately came under fire
Investigators were able to identify a fingerprint from a ransom note allegedly left by the suspect, who was in a database from a 1999 DWI case