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Grand Jury

The fact that the report was leaked at all may actually be the most interesting piece of the story
Legal experts said the shooting likely falls under the state’s self-defense law, but some questions remain
“Those officers should be praised for their efforts, not prosecuted,” said Gov. Greg Abbott
Austin’s police chief has said that he is “extremely disappointed” by the indictments
In a press conference, Chief Joseph Chacon rebuked a grand jury decision to charge 19 officers over conduct related to civil unrest in 2020
The same jury convicted the man of murder last month in the fatal 2017 shooting of Lt. Debra Clayton
The four defendants are accused of willfully violating George Floyd’s constitutional rights
An officer was within his rights when he fatally shot an armed 17-year-old after a pursuit, a grand jury decided
The officers were charged with felony second-degree assault after video of the incident went viral
The conspiracy charge carries a maximum penalty of life in prison
The man who was shot was also indicted after video showed him attacking police with a glass bottle just before the shooting
The grand juror said in a written statement that the grand jury asked questions about bringing other charges against the officers, but were told “prosecutors didn’t feel they could make them stick”
Police said they knocked repeatedly and identified themselves before entering Taylor’s apartment, according to testimony
AG Daniel Cameron’s office filed a motion Wednesday asking for a week’s delay to redact names and personal information
A judge ordered the release after a member of the grand jury sued to have the record of the proceedings made public
Sheriff Robert Chody was indicted on an evidence tampering charge in destroying reality TV show footage
Fired police officer Brett Hankison was charged with three counts of wanton endangerment for firing into Taylor’s neighbors’ homes
A jury found that the LEO used “non-lethal excessive force” against a knife-wielding man who attacked a fellow officer
A forensic technician testified enhanced images from bodycam footage showed an object that appeared to be a gun in the man’s hand extended toward the officers
Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo has proposed to create an independent review of police-related deaths of civilians if an officer is cleared by a grand jury
Police union leaders on Thursday accused Bill de Blasio of betraying the cleared policeman and his fellow officers
Protests sent thousands onto New York’s streets, where 83 people were arrested
Said Wednesday he was full of emotion when he yelled “Burn this bitch down!” but said his remarks had nothing to do with the arson and looting in Ferguson
Justice Department official said federal authorities would conduct their own investigation into the July 17 death