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Those in the trailer were part of a presumed migrant smuggling attempt into the United States
The stabbing attack left two people dead and three injured
The department said a state law that sharply limits cooperation with immigration authorities does not explicitly address subpoenas for information
The agents are not expected to engage in special missions in their new assignment, only provide assistance and backup to ICE with everyday arrests and deportations
LA Mayor Eric Garcetti and LAPD chief Michel Moore released a video saying local police won’t be working with ICE
“The question of ICE is what happened inside that house...we can remove the question, if we can have ICE ... to have the same video surveillance that our police officers are required to have.”
ICE officials sent subpoenas to NYC and other ‘sanctuary’ cities requesting information about inmates accused of being in the country illegally
The bill would bar law enforcement agencies from appointing an officer to work with federal agents, a provision that has drawn criticism from sheriffs
This is the first time subpoenas have been sent to a law enforcement agency — an escalation of the conflict between ICE and so-called sanctuary cities
ICE spokespeople say city sanctuary policies allow immigrants to break the law, will not deter immigration enforcement from doing their jobs
Investigators in ICE’s Child Exploitation Investigations Lab blend old and new technology to identify children and their abusers
An agency spokesperson said ICE turned to courthouses for arrests after county and state prisons haven’t cooperated
The officers will be designated to identify and process undocumented immigrants
Sheriff Daron Hall said the county will no longer host detainees for the federal government, a practice started in 1996
Darrick Bell, 50, is the accused leader of a sophisticated human trafficking and narcotics distribution operation in Detroit
The new rules, the AG’s office said, are designed to strengthen trust between police agencies and the state’s diverse immigrant communities
"[Agents] should not have to bear the burden of attacks motivated by political disagreements,” Ronald Vitiello said
Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler has been a vocal opponent of ICE during his time in office
The union representing ICE employees urged the mayor to end his ban on city police helping ICE workers who have faced hostility from pro-immigrant activists
Officials said the agency is misusing the information to conduct sweeps in which otherwise law-abiding immigrants are also being caught up
Crowd control
Mayor Jim Kenney is defending the police decision to tear down the encampment
The operation is one of the largest against employers in recent years on allegations of violating immigration laws
Sheriff Margaret Mims told the president the sanctuary laws have put sheriffs like herself in “an untenable position”
The largest stretch of the wall is expected to rise later this year in the Rio Grande Valley and have the most potential to deter immigrants and drug smugglers
The city said that the federal government, not the state, has authority when it comes to immigration
A judge ruled the DOJ cannot favor PDs that are willing to cooperate with immigration agents when it doles out tens of millions of dollars in funding each year