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Indiana launches comprehensive wellness program for law enforcement

The initiative aims to prioritize health and wellness for all law enforcement officers across the state, starting at the recruit level for optimal impact


A new batch of recruits at the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy

Courtesy of Indiana Law Enforcement Academy

By Police1 Staff

INDIANAPOLIS — In a groundbreaking move to transform the culture of law enforcement in Indiana, the state has announced a comprehensive wellness program designed to support the mental health and overall wellbeing of its officers.

This initiative, which was launched on June 3, will leverage Lexipol’s wellness solution, Cordico, and the expert insights of Dr. Kevin Gilmartin, who specializes in law enforcement and public safety-related issues, making Indiana a leader in prioritizing officer wellness from the outset of their careers.

Under this program, every new recruit in the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy (ILEA) will receive access to Cordico, a cutting-edge wellness app, for the next two years. Cordico provides a range of on-demand tools, including stress management techniques, peer support and confidential self-assessments. This proactive approach ensures that recruits start their careers with the resources needed to maintain their mental health and resilience.

Additionally, Dr. Gilmartin’s e-learning series on law enforcement wellness will be made available at no cost to all police departments across Indiana. This extensive training resource offers valuable insights into managing the unique stresses of law enforcement work, promoting a healthier, more supportive environment for officers statewide.

“Passing this piece of legislation was deeply personal to my family, and what I found along the way, was it was deeply personal to most of public safety,” said State Rep. Victoria Garcia Wilburn (D-Fishers). “The testimonies provided by the Chiefs of Police and Fire across our state affirmed the necessity of the mental health and resilience education and resources that are going to be provided. I am grateful to [ILEA’s] Director Horty, Lexipol, Cordico and all of my colleagues in the Indiana General Assembly for unanimously supporting this critical program.”

The funding for the two-year program comes from a partnership with the state’s Family and Social Services Administration (FSSA). “Mentally healthy communities require mentally healthy public servants,” said Jay Chaudhary, Director of FSSA’s Division of Mental Health and Addiction. “DMHA is proud to partner with ILEA on this important initiative.”


The Indiana Law Enforcement Academy campus

Courtesy of Indiana Law Enforcement Academy

Equipping first responders with the resources they need to be effective in their jobs and their lives is a crucial responsibility that thrives on community partnership.

“At Lexipol, we know first-hand the mental and physical challenges a law enforcement career can bring,” says Marco DeLeon, vice president of Business Development at Lexipol and former deputy sheriff in Denton County, Texas. “We are honored to have the support of Governor Holcomb, Indiana legislators and the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy to provide recruits with resources that will help them build a foundation of resilience and strength.”

Lexipol CEO Bill Nunan stresses that wellness is an integral component to achieving performance excellence in public safety. “Progressive leaders, like Governor Holcomb and State Representative Victoria Garcia Wilburn, realize that officers who are mentally and physically prepared for the rigors of the job provide better service to their communities,” he says. “Lexipol is proud to support Indiana’s law enforcement officers and set a new standard for wellness in public safety.”

The overarching goal of this program is to embed wellness at the forefront of law enforcement culture in Indiana. By providing officers with these essential resources from the beginning of their careers and continuing to support them throughout, the state aims to foster a more resilient and healthier law enforcement community.

Indiana Law Enforcement Academy Executive Director Timothy Horty added, “Students at the ILEA deserve our best from the very first day of training. Investing in their mental, physical and emotional health has to be the new way of doing business in this stressful profession.”

With Cordico and Dr. Gilmartin’s resources at their disposal, Indiana is taking a bold step towards ensuring that its officers are not only equipped to serve but are also supported in maintaining their mental health and well-being.