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Police Performance and Accountability

This special coverage series looks at how agencies can identify problematic behavior and prioritize officer wellness, and reviews the ethics training that will develop an active bystander culture in any agency.

Early intervention systems take time and work to develop and implement and there is no “one size fits all” solution
What if training isn’t the answer? Three questions to find out
“When officers make mistakes in their career, 95% of the time it’s the fault of the department.”
The initiative aims to prioritize health and wellness for all law enforcement officers across the state, starting at the recruit level for optimal impact
As part of a federal settlement, the monitor will oversee pared-down requirements that will allow the city of Portland to concentrate on police accountability and officer use of force
Uvalde’s independent investigation did acknowledge some failures, including communication problems, poor training for live shooter situations and lack of available equipment
“When we speculate, when we add our personal opinions, then those penalties become punitive and unfair ... to the officers,” Superintendent Larry Snelling said
Speakers at the 2021 conference reportedly encouraged officers to flirt with women, stop motorists for no reason and use pain as a “weapon”
“It’s clear that cooperation ... and progress accelerated dramatically over the past few months due to the hard work of people in the courtroom and other officers you work with,” a U.S. district judge said. “Their efforts are paying off”
Two officers and a police trainee were taking a break when a “priority one” call came in; the police trainee recalled that he was trying to prove himself and said he was “always ... ready to go” but that his training officer “didn’t move hastily”
The suspect, who was inside the cruiser at the time, was not hit by any of the bullets
The agreement set up a four-tiered response plan, which specifies benchmarks that must be reached before certain policing actions can take place
Aldermen are considering raising the mandatory retirement age from 63 to 65; the officer deployment study is required by the department’s consent decree
“Because of what I now know, I have no further desire to be associated with the New Haven Police Department in any capacity,” former New Haven Police Chief John Hallquist said
“We hear from law enforcement that [quotas take] them out of their neighborhoods, it takes them out of doing their most important job and that is to protect public safety,” one of the bill’s sponsor’s stated
An independent review was conducted after a 2018 report claimed more than 100 troopers had falsified racial profiling data; the review found most “falsified” records were unintentional errors
The feature allows the department chief to access videos of all interactions officers have, even if they forget or are unable to record incidents as they occur
“An active shooter with access to victims should never be considered and treated as a barricaded subject,” the report says
“Injuries during transport have become extremely rare, and BPD now has in place the equipment, training, policies and practices to maintain this safety record,” the DOJ stated
“These changes demonstrate a powerful commitment to reform, a commitment that warrants a different approach from the DOJ than has been the case over the past dozen years,” an attorney wrote
Beth Donovan sued the Boston Police Department after she was demoted and suspended, stating that the disciplinary measures were in retaliation for opening a misconduct investigation into another officer
The COPS Office and NPI held meetings with law enforcement leaders and civil rights organizations to aid in the research process
Chief Cerelyn Davis made a presentation during the meeting that detailed accomplishments during her tenure, including hiring more than 400 officers and expanding community-oriented policing
While APD’s officers and training have shown exceptional improvement, the Civilian Oversight Board and one OIS hold the department back from full compliance, according to oversight evaluators
The Fair Grove Police Department now has one fully trained officer and two officers still in field training following resignations from two other officers and the police chief
“[The unit] enables officers to know what to look for, what to do, when they see their partner officer doing something that tarnishes our badge,” said Chief Eddie Garcia
Of those surveyed, 74% worry they will become crime victims, 90% are dissatisfied with the state of public safety and 71% said the city needs more officers
By mining their own data, departments can pinpoint issues, save careers and better serve communities
Understanding the root of our mindset – and how to shift it – is critical to transforming the work of law enforcement and our relationship with the community